Hitman Sniper tips and Cheats

Before entering into battleground Hitman Sniper tips and Cheats will help you to do better. Always scan the map and kill the background zombies at the beginning and in between the waves if possible. They are a great source of token that cannot be ignored. Use the game’s aim assist to quickly zoom in/out between kills and grab as much token as possible

Golden zombies give a huge token bonus and should also never be ignored. They always spawn in the beginning or during
wave 1 (2 or 3 may spawn at once if you are lucky) and as the game progress. Always be on the lookout for golden zombies if you are not being overwhelmed.

Heavy Hitter: Kill a Juggernaut with one shot.
Mode: Hard/Expert.
Requirements: – Bonus Token Perks helps. – A barrel.
1. Do NOT shoot any of the barrels.
2. Upgrade damage boost to level 3 (cost 100 Tokens).
3. Fully upgrade Explosive Shot.
4. Wait for a Juggernaut to be as close to a barrel as possible.
5. Activate explosive shot and aim for its head. The explosive shot will trigger the barrel, killing the thing. If it manages to survive, the fire will finish it off.
6. Kill Ben for being an annoying prick.

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hitman sniper tips and cheats
Mass Confusion Booster: Kill 4 Beasts while they are confused in one play through.
Mode: Expert.
Requirements: – Nothing.
Strategy: 1. Max Mass Confusion.
2. Buy the cooldown reduction perk.
3. Wait for Beasts to spawn.
4. Hold your breath and kill them while they are stunned.
5. Seriously, Ben!? His freaking name is Ben!?? What on earth is Square doing?

World On Fire + Fast as Lightning 2: Kill 30 Zombies with explosives in one playthrough + Kill 12 zombies in less than 5 seconds.
Mode: Expert.
Requirements: – Bonus Token Perks helps you survive. – A bit of luck.

Strategy: Since these two unlocks requires a fairly similar strategy, I bundled them, together.
1. Upgrade damage boost, clip size and fire rate to at least level 2 to keep you alive.
2. Buy and upgrade Attractive Shot + Explosive Shot to level 2.
3. Buy the cooldown reduction perk.
4. Wait for the zombies to cluster close to each other. Fire the attractive shot to draw the zombies away from Ben and finish them off with Explosive Shot. Pick off any surviving zombies while holding your breath for the Fast as Lightning 2 unlock.
5. The accident usually happens to play with explosives. Perhaps our friend Ben might not be so lucky?


hitman sniper zombies attack



Size Does Matter 2: Headshot 22 zombies without reloading.
Mode: Normal.
Requirements: – Attractive Shot Booster + Mass Confusion Booster + Split Shot Booster. – Size Does Matter
1. – As many Bonus Token Perks as possible. – Fitness, patience, and luck. Strategy: Easily the toughest unlock in the game. I use normal mode for my strategy since you don’t get special zombies until the final wave. 1. Kill as many background zombies as possible before wave 1.
2. Upgrade Clip Size to level 3 (14/14).
3. Once you have level 3 Clip Size, tag 3 zombies with split shot to begin. Never lose count of your ammo/headshots and do NOT reload. 4. Buy the cooldown reduction perk as soon as you can afford it. Afterward, upgrade Split Shot to level 2 and Mass Confusion to level 2. Do NOT spend any more token as you need to save them to heal Ben should things went out of control.
5. Alternate between mass confusion and attractive shot to keep the zombies away from Ben while waiting for Split Shot to Cooldown. I use mass confusion immediately after all the zombies of the wave have spawned due to its long cooldown. The attractive shot can kill like a normal bullet so spend them as efficiently as possible.
6. You should be able to pull at least 3 split shots, which would kill 11 zombies. You will have 11 rounds left to finish the unlock. You can easily pull more than 3 split shots anyway and that will leave room for a few mistakes.
7. Murder Ben to celebrate your achievement! (preferably with a head shot)